This summer, Christian Arts Academy is bringing  
5 days of creative activities for 4-7 year-olds directly to you!  You can find God in the arts anywhere, any time, at your own pace.  Click on a day below to get started, and remember:  God created YOU perfectly for exactly this moment in time!
Ivy Creek United Methodist Church
Christian Arts Academy Summer 2021
Esther:  Made for Such a Time as This
Camp-at-Home Activities for Kids Ages 4-7
 Videos, Music, Read-Alouds, Jokes, Brain Teasers, Crafts, Recipes, Activities

Christian Arts Academy

Ivy Creek United Methodist Church

674 Woodlands Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Please text /email pictures of your crafts, cooking, and fun activities to 434.260.0702 or

With your parent's permission, we would be delighted to feature them on our Day 5 webpage!!